Draft environmental impact statement released for Noonamah Ridge

February 12, 2016

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Intrapac Property is pleased to announce the completion of its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Noonamah Ridge. Noonamah Ridge is a proposed master-planned rural community in the Noonamah/Hughes region consisting of a variety of lot sizes, a village hub, and an enterprise area providing local job opportunities. The development is set apart by its innovative ecologically-sustainable approach.

The comprehensive study into the environmental effects of the proposed development has taken almost two years to complete. The EIS includes technical assessments and studies, key environmental commitments, and recommendations on risk mitigation for key environmental, infrastructural and cultural considerations.

This key milestone comes after extensive community and stakeholder engagement, including two sessions held in 2015 at the Local Village Green and the Community Hall in Humpty Doo, feedback from which resulted in amendments the Noonamah Ridge masterplan.

“We hope to have reached as many people in the community as possible with our vision for this landmark project. We’d like to thank all the attendees to the consultation sessions for their interest and positive, constructive feedback,” says Intrapac Property COO Max Shifman.

Comments collected at the sessions included suggestions on how to retain the rural feel of the area, discussion of traffic issues affecting the wider area, the need to provide greater housing diversity, and a requirement for local community facilities and amenities.

“Intrapac Property has been creating new communities for over thirty years, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” says Shifman. “We look forward to applying our expertise in creating a sense of neighbourhood to the Darwin region.”

Intrapac Property has retained top local and national industry specialists for Noonamah Ridge to ensure Intrapac’s exceptionally high standards are met. The team has been hard at work on urban design, environmental planning, traffic and transport, development planning, surveying and civil engineering.

Major features of Noonamah Ridge will include:
· The central lake, which will become the community heart and home to the first village centre, encouraging social gatherings and community events, as well as providing a venue for festivals, markets and community programmes.
· The first village (rural activity centre), which will create a focal point and social hub for the new community, provide amenities (including local services and access to fresh produce) and employment opportunities, allowing daily needs to be within easy commute from home.
· A small-scale retail precinct at the first village, as well as provision for community services including medical facilities and childcare.
· Provision of land for a new primary school, as well as rural community organisations and the community fire brigade.
· Internal connectivity via walking and cycling paths, and wider connectivity to public transport.
· An enterprise area, to provide local job opportunities.

There is also an emphasis on creating public open space (in excess of 20% of the site area), retaining as much natural vegetation as possible. Larger lot sizes will be predominant, with smaller lots situated around the village centres. The variety of lot sizes will help accommodate different needs of homeowners, covering the full life-cycle of housing in the rural community.

Playgrounds, BBQ and picnic facilities, public artwork, exercise equipment, walking and cycling trails, as well as sports fields and recreation facilities, will be provided to cater for the new community.

“As a coordinated and master-planned rural community, Noonamah Ridge will ensure that both physical and social infrastructure is developed in a timely manner in response to the growing population,” says Shifman. “By master-planning the community at a larger scale, we can also ensure better storm-water management and environmental outcomes compared with existing ad-hoc subdivision in the rural area. We’re really proud of what we can bring to the region.”

Those interested in further information on Noonamah Ridge can visit the project website at www.noonamah.com

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