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Torquay, VIC

Among the first to recognise the “seachange” phenomenon, in 2001 Intrapac initially partnered with the landowners of 59 hectares of former farming land on what was then the northern boundary of the Torquay township. A short drive from Geelong and with good accessibility to Melbourne, the site is in close proximity to Whites Beach and the Torquay township.

The Quay, the 59ha, 580 lot development, was launched in 2004, and was followed by its sister development, QUAY2, a 46 ha 671 lot project in 2016. These two communities now house almost 4000 people – a sizeable portion of Torquay’s total population of approximately 18,500 (per 2021 census). 

Uniquely responsive to their coastal location and featuring state-of-the-art sustainability initiatives, both projects are highly sought-after and continue to experience strong property value growth. 



Our vision for The Quay was to evolve rather than transform the landscape, by ensuring built form, materials and open spaces embodied the coastal lifestyle and enhanced the natural character of the location. QUAY2 built upon this vision by enhancing walkability, optimising views to the ocean and incorporating a versatile range of open spaces. QUAY2 also offers a range of housing options, including townhomes, designed to appeal to a more diverse set of demographics.

We developed a meticulous set of residential design guidelines inspired by indigenous flora, which encouraged contemporary, sustainable and durable home designs consistent with the coastal theme. The guidelines have ensured that The Quay doesn’t feel like a cookie-cutter residential subdivision. High quality and varied, yet sharing a consistent palette of colours and materials, the residential built form imbues the area with an attractive and distinctive feel, which is carried through into QUAY2.

UDIA (VIC) 2021 Awards for Excellence - Residential Development

It’s great to walk around the estate – there are so many nice houses and they are all different, which we like

Penny Barton,
QUAY2 Resident

We dialled the residential design guidelines up for QUAY2, ensuring long-term sustainability with the mandatory requirement that dwellings comfortably achieve 6-star NatHERs rating by achieving efficient solar orientation, and incorporating AAA-rated fittings and appliances, solar hot water and passive insulation methods.

QUAY2 compliments The Quay with urban design that maximises the opportunities of its topography. The elevated eastern precinct was designed as premium area with lots enjoying extensive views. However, the oceanside atmosphere is embedded throughout for all residents, down to the layout of the roads which were oriented to maximise sea views by taking the natural grades and angling them towards the water, creating experiential, grounding vistas.

Attractive landscaping throughout the adjoining developments’ network of access roads, public open space, cycling and walking paths further enhances the sense of place, while offering residents a range of recreation opportunities. These spaces also significantly contribute to the two projects’ sustainability credentials.

Within The Quay, the now very established Zeally’s Reserve combines wetlands, and a well-used park, playing field and sports pavilion. A landscaped central spine connects these amenities to the Hilltop Park which features a children’s playground and panoramic views stretching from Port Phillip Heads and around to the southern waters of Bass Strait. QUAY2 features a further three significant open spaces including another wetland featuring an attractive boardwalk that connects pedestrians with the Deep Creek Reserve and its pedestrian pathway to Whites Beach, a primary open space reserve known as the Pirate Park that utilises the local landform to provide an elevated playground overlooking picnic and BBQ facilities, and a community orchard.

Both The Quay and QUAY2 feature industry leading water sensitive urban design initiatives consisting of a drainage system designed to retain and filter stormwater run-off to benefit the environment. The two wetlands also function to naturally filter stormwater runoff before it is returned to local waterways. 

QUAY2’s location is excellent, near to both services and the beach. The type and relaxed appearance of housing suits the Torquay lifestyle, and [the judging panel] were impressed by the level of detail in the development. Intrapac have created an excellent place to live.

Peter Seamer,
UDIA Judge


The Quay was the first residential development in the region to have a mandatory third pipe system providing residents with recycled water for irrigation and toilets. While the outcome appears effortless, achieving the water sensitive site drainage and household systems was a painstaking process at the time, requiring ongoing reconfiguration of the site masterplan and servicing strategies as civil works were underway. 

When Barwon Water reversed their decision to introduce recycled water, Intrapac negotiated an alternative program for The Quay landowners, providing installation of a water tank to each home, connected for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Barwon Water subsequently reimbursed owners for this household infrastructure and is now modelling the program’s impact on water consumption.



The 105 hectare site that is now home to The Quay and QUAY2 was originally owned by Geelong’s well-known McCann family, who are successful entrepreneurs with local farming, plumbing and cement works businesses. 

Having initially partnered with the McCann family to deliver The Quay as a joint venture, Intrapac eventually acquired the balance of the site outright and delivered what became the benchmark project for the area. This strong relationship meant that the family was keen to entrust Intrapac to acquire the balance of the site to develop QUAY2. 

It’s fair to say that the family retained a keen interested in both projects as they were developed, instilling a sense of pride and ownership in the award-winning outcome and ensuring a family lasting legacy for this special land.



In 2008, The Quay was awarded Best Residential Development (over 250 lots) by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Victoria at their annual Excellence Awards ceremony. QUAY2 followed suit, also recognised by the UDIA in the same category at the 2021 Excellence Awards.

Purchasers strongly embraced both developments. In its first three years, The Quay dramatically outsold all of its competitors achieving sales at a rate of three to one. QUAY2 sold out 18 months ahead of schedule. 

Our CEO Maxwell Shifman describes these projects as, “a landmark example of our proud legacy of industry leadership, innovation and achievement.” 

More than simply capitalising on the sea change phenomenon, The Quay and QUAY2 elevate and combine location, environment, lifestyle and community in a way that ensures diverse and continued value for residents — true placemaking in every sense of the concept, and helping put Torquay North on the map as a lifestyle location.