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Narre Warren South, VIC

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In 1990 Intrapac purchased 250 acres of rural land in Narre Warren South. Within 12 months Intrapac facilitated the rezoning and had negotiated with Melbourne Water to provide an innovative wetlands solution to local flooding issues that increased the effective development area of the site by 30%.

Narre Warren South at the time was predominantly a first home buyers market characterized by low quality subdivisions with little if any attention paid by developers to urban design or landscaping.

Intrapac believed that an upgrade market existed, for 2nd home buyers willing to pay a premium for upgraded streetscape and landscaping features. Negotiating with council, Intrapac provided non standard heritage streetlamps, bluestone paving in key areas as well as extensive landscaped parks and open space. Mature avenue trees were also provided and basic building design guidelines.

Narre Warren, VIC

Narre Warren, VIC