Hamish Macdonald

Senior Consultant

Hamish Macdonald

I find the creative aspect of the work fulfilling; figuring out how to acquire or improve value on projects once we’ve got them. I also get a lot out of developing and growing Avant Townhomes, from an idea to becoming a significant player in its sector of the market. Intrapac’s size and flexibility is key. It’s a capable business with a relatively simple structure that allows it to do things in a very professional manner, faster than others.

Hamish is a senior consultant working with Intrapac, bringing over 30 years of expertise in property, both in Australia and offshore.

Having spent the majority of his working life leading businesses focussed on the development and construction of commercial and residential real estate, Hamish now brings this extensive knowledge and experience to play an integral part in business development for Intrapac.

Working closely with David Lunardi on Intrapac’s Avant Townhomes, Hamish is a key lynchpin in this expanding arm of the business. Hamish works on the front end and early positioning of selected projects, including Aureus, Kinley, QUAY2, and Whiterock. He was heavily involved in the acquisition of projects in Lilydale and Bundoora, and is currently working to develop urban design and strategy of a precinct within Kinley.

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