Max Shifman

Chief Executive Officer

Max Shifman

“I don’t think most people understand what it takes to succeed as a property developer. It’s an incredibly challenging industry, but despite the obstacles which often get in our way, I love and am very passionate about it. The rewards are usually worth the effort, though you have to be very patient. It’s not a quick game, by any stretch - not to do it at the scale that we do, to produce the quality of places that we deliver."

Though definitely not a civil engineer or lawyer, Max Shifman draws from valuable academic experience in both worlds as Chief Executive Officer at Intrapac Property. Joining the business as a Development Manager in 2011, Max found a fertile work environment and a mentor in its prolific founder, David Payes AM. He was drawn to Intrapac for its thriving portfolio, intrigued by the scale and intricacy of developments produced by its small, cohesive team.

Working hands-on on several projects, including the multi award-winning Somerfield, Max found opportunities to build on Intrapac’s solid foundation, making his own mark: being more assertive in acquisitions, refining nuances in project strategies, and instigating innovations in technology to increase efficiency within the business. Max counts the rezoning of Kinley, along with its recent world-leading 6-Star GreenStar Communities rating, as one of the business’ crowning achievements.

“Our team is made up of high calibre people that we expect a lot of, that we can rely on. That is utterly and critically important, as we are a very small team for the breadth and number of projects we deliver. We also have excellent internal collaboration, with a very flat business structure. David and I know everyone, they’re part of the extended family. People know what they need to do, and know we trust them to do it.”

Alongside his CEO commitments, Max has also served as UDIA National President from 2021-2023, following three years as Vice President. This role offered a valuable platform to advocate core values embodied by Intrapac: greater access to well-designed, enduring communities, affordable homes, urban outcomes which add both economic and social value to the environment. 

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