Paul Nicholls

Senior Development & Acquisitions Manager, NT

Paul Nicholls

I’m both a development manager and salesman representing Intrapac’s Northern Territory office - I find there’s no one better to sell a property than the person who has bought it. I’m the only one here in the Darwin branch of Intrapac. David, Max and the team have a lot of integrity, and a lot of trust in the people they employ. The result of that is that we’ve seen very little turnover in the company - because people simply don’t leave jobs that they’re really happy with. I’m probably close to the longest serving employee, and I’m here for the long term.

For over 30 years, Paul has been immersed in the land development industry, helping to bring a wide range of diverse, sustainable developments to life.

Since joining Intrapac in 2004 Paul has shared his industry know-how and played a key role in delivering the ongoing success that characterises Intrapac communities. He now heads up our first venture into the Northern Territory at the helm of a ground-breaking development with a genuine focus on environmental sustainability.

Paul undertakes the dual role of both Development & Sales Manager for Mirawood & Lloyd Creek Rural Village.

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