Discover Intrapac’s Whiterock Project – Delivering Trunk Water and Sewer

August 8, 2022

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Whiterock is in the Ripley Valley adjacent to the White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate south of the Centenary Highway, 35km from the Brisbane CBD and 15 km from the Ipswich CBD.

To supply the new Whiterock community with drinking water, Intrapac undertook the mammoth task of constructing 3.3 km of water trunk-mains between 300mm and 450mm in diameter.  A tunnel-boring machine was used to create a 100m long tunnel for the watermain underneath the Centenary Highway.  The micro tunnelling took a crew of five approximately two months to complete by Pezzimenti Tunnelbore at a cost of $3.8M.

The water trunk-main connects Whiterock to the SEQ Southern Regional Water Pipeline and crosses the tributary of Bundamba Creek as an aerial crossing, attached to the upstream side of the bridge.  Urban Utilities plan to construct a new high level water reservoir in White Rock in the future.

2 x DN450 valves for future reservoir














DN375 Section valve with scour tees on either side













Northern side of bridge




















The equivalent of 2,600 homes in the new Whiterock community will be supplied with drinking water via the water trunk main.  At peak demand around 70L/s of water will be delivered through the pipeline.

Intrapac and our civil contractors also delivered the construction of 1.6km of HDPE, sewer trunk-mains between 315 and 630 mm in diameter at a cost of $3.4M.  These works included the excavation and construction of reinforced concrete access chambers up to 9m deep.

The sewer trunk-main connects Whiterock and the eastern part of Ripley Valley to the Bundamba Wastewater Treatment Plant.

OD630 PE pipe laid with curved alignment













Typical MH Base layer reinforcement


















Typical MH drop pipe














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