Intrapac’s Commitment to the White Rock Spring-Mountain Conservation Estate

August 2, 2022

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Intrapac’s Whiterock project is located in the Ripley Valley adjacent to the White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate south of the Centenary Highway, 35km from the Brisbane CBD and 15 km from the Ipswich CBD.

In addition to the 34ha of parks and gardens dotted throughout the residential project that will provide direct connection into the White Rock Conservation estate, approximately 249 ha of rehabilitated and regenerated bushland is planned to be dedicated as an addition to the 2,500ha Conservation Estate.

This Conservation Area aims to achieve multiple environmental benefits, including habitat improvement for the koala and grey-headed flying fox. Management activities include the reduction in feral pest species, controlled burning, weed management and restoration of native vegetation and regeneration.

The Conservation Area Management Plan will be implemented and monitored over a 10-year timeframe and must meet the requirements of the existing Commonwealth Government environmental approval.

Designed for a sustainable future, Whiterock’s Six Leaf EnviroDevelopment certification is a reflection of Intrapac’s commitment to sustainable and responsible development.

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