Discover Intrapac’s Whiterock Project

July 27, 2022

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Whiterock is located in the Ripley Valley adjacent to the White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate south of the Centenary Highway, 35km from the Brisbane CBD and 15 km from the Ipswich CBD.   

Access to this new residential community was made possible by Intrapac’s construction of Sandstone Boulevard, a new sub-arterial road connecting the Eastern Ripley Valley to the Centenary Highway at a cost of $17.2M. 

With planning and design starting in late 2016, construction commenced mid-2020 and was completed this month with the infrastructure delivery of a sandstone entry statement leading to 2.5km of new road, 3m wide bikeway and a two-span, precast concrete, bridge crossing a tributary of Bundamba Creek.  

Visitors to the site will travel past the Whiterock Sales & Discovery Centre overlooking a man-made dam before travelling to the civil construction with works on the future Display Village now underway.   

Sandstone Boulevard has a posted speed limit of 70km/hr and the capacity for up to 25,000 vehicles per day.  The bikeway has been designed in consultation with the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads to prioritise cyclists and increase safety.  Ultimately, Sandstone Blvd will be duplicated to include four (4) lanes and the intersection with the Centenary Highway replaced with an interchange. 

The construction was not without its challenges with earth cuts up to 10m deep though the medium-strength, White Rock sandstone prevalent in the area, as well as supply-chain constraints, labour shortages, and flooding rain. 

Vegetation clearing for Sandstone Boulevard has been offset by the conservation of approximately 249 ha of bushland adjoining the 2,500ha White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate.  Parks and gardens in Whiterock will provide direct connection into the Conservation Estate for bushwalking and bike riding.    



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