Introducing Mirawood, a new home for families in Darwin

May 31, 2021

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Just 8 minutes from Darwin’s city centre is a new boutique land estate that offers the perfect mix of rural and larger-sized lots.

This project is designed around carefully preserving an area of conservation land which functions as a water retention basin in the wet season, and in turn, creates great biodiversity in the dry. All the native birds and plants come to life there, which is fantastic for the area.

Each property will be sensitively landscaped to attract an abundance of native wildlife. This considered approach extends into the built environment with an intent to cultivate and preserve local design heritage.

There will certainly be space for grand designs. Besides its designated conservation zone, the 7.4 hectare site comprises five premium rural residence lots between 4000 and 4,800 square metres and 31 low density living lots at over 800 square metres each.

Mirawood will provide immediate economic benefit to the Northern Territory. It means more opportunities for local builders and the construction sector. Intrapac is proud of the great investment we have made in Darwin and we’re here to see things through for the long term.

With its nature-driven plans and generous lots to suit a full family lifestyle, Mirawood is a small-scale preview to the intent behind Intrapac’s other projects in the Darwin region.

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