QUAY2 celebrates Christmas in July

July 12, 2016

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Quay 2 and The Quay Resident’s Association will be holding a special Christmas in July event on Sunday 31st July. Children in the neighbourhood will be able to add their artistic flourishes to streetlamp banners and neighbours can enjoy getting together to share in the community spirit with a winter Christmas theme.

“Christmas in July is another fantastic example of the thriving community at The Quay,” says Intrapac Property Chief Operating Officer Maxwell Shifman. “People moving into Quay 2 will have the benefit of having an established neighbourhood next door with a real community spirit that will spill over to their own neighbourhood. We’re delighted to support the event for both the community of The Quay and our prospective Quay 2 residents.”

Christmas in July at The Quay is a recent tradition that started when a group of residents wanted to share the feeling they had of living in a special community, as well as wanting a way they could all get to know each other better and develop a community where families could become life-long friends. With support from Council, they designed and hung about 170 1.4-metre streetlamp banners throughout the streets of The Quay.

“The Quay was so colourful, it was like a cake with multi-coloured candles day and night,” says John De Witt from The Quay Resident’s Association. “Everyone, from within and outside The Quay, had so much fun – it was the talk of the local schools and town, and no doubt ‘Christmastime in The Quay’ has become a Surf Coast Shire special holiday destination to share!”

He said he was amazed at the result and that so many residents got into the holiday spirit. Some residents even put on holiday movies for neighbours by converting their driveway doors into cinema screens and handing out popcorn.

To provide even more banners this year, a Christmas in July event is being put on where local children can add their artwork and handprints to plain white banners with special paints provided by Intrapac Property. This is a new addition to the festive tradition and families who participate will be able to look up at the banners and feel a special part of the celebrations at Christmas.

The Quay resident Nicole Nelson says: “The Quay’s residents have such great enthusiasm about Christmas and community events and the kids were so excited selecting the banners. We met so many new families and made friendships and look forward to meeting more at the Christmas in July event.”

Her eight-year-old daughter Sienna Nelson thinks it’s even more important as a way to showcase where she lives to Santa and his helpers: “I think Santa Claus and his reindeer can better see our neighbourhood now. I even saw his footsteps in the sand outside our house!”

The traditions will be taken to the next level this year and in the holiday spirit of giving, a not-for-profit charity fundraiser will be initiated with a house and street decoration awards contest, where the winner’s cash prize will be donated to their charity of choice. The Christmas in July event will help with preparations for later in the year, as well as becoming an important social event on the neighbourhood’s community calendar.

The Quay and Quay 2 Christmas in July Event

When: Sunday 31st July, 2016
Where: The Quay Pavillion, Horseshoe Bend Road, Torquay
RSVP: media@intrapac.com.au
Bring: Christmas Cheer!

For more information on this and future events, follow Quay 2 on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Quay2Torquay and for sales information visit quay2.com.au.

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