Kinley achieves world-leading 6 Star GreenStar accreditation

May 27, 2022

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A testament to rigorous planning and exemplary environmental strategy, Kinley in Melbourne’s east has recently received a 6 Star GreenStar Communities rating, representing “world leading” community, environmental and sustainability measures. 

This prestigious accreditation from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) makes Kinley Intrapac Property’s first GreenStar Community – the latest achievement in a distinguished portfolio spanning nearly 40 years, characterised by a dogged commitment to crafting sustainable developments where communities thrive.  

Comprising 163 hectares in a historically industrial pocket of Lilydale, Kinley is Victoria’s largest infill development. Such a massive undertaking necessitated a deeply considered environmental focus from the outset. With 25 hectares taken up by the former Lilydale quarry in the middle of the site, Intrapac Property has sought to re-fill this 137-year old, 127-metre-deep hole with on-site material that had originally been unearthed from it. Sourcing on location rather than importing new material not only streamlined supply, but avoided both the financial and environmental costs of long transportation routes. 

“By moving the existing fill stockpiles into the former quarry, we’ve effectively created nearly 70 hectares of new developable land, rehabilitating the site in the process and repairing a significant scar in the earth,” says Max Shifman, Chief Operating Officer at Intrapac Property. 

This push to meaningfully rejuvenate nature is fundamental to all Intrapac Property’s projects, typified by generous green corridors and native planting.  

“Biodiversity is an important pillar of environmental sustainability. At Kinley, we’re delivering numerous wetlands which act as important recreational spaces where we can provide greater tree canopy, more public amenity, and attract wildlife.” 

Through forward-thinking infrastructure allowing for energy efficient homes and sensitive placemaking, Intrapac Property has created a framework at Kinley that enables residents to become stakeholders in a sustainable future and invest in line with their values. Beyond industry accolades, the development group sees a core responsibility to ensure ongoing custodianship of this newly reclaimed land into the future.  

“Part of our obligation is to educate the people coming to this site on what it means to be here,” explains Shifman. “From a sustainability point of view, we have a duty to this place – whether it’s to spark community development and participation, or to benefit the wetlands, to use green energy or sustainable materials – these are the values this project will champion.” 

To service the 8000 new residents expected to live at Kinley, Intrapac Property’s comprehensive development plan posits the ideal 20-minute neighbourhood, moving away from car-centric suburbs by ensuring a range of key amenities are within walking distance of residents. While these principles have driven the structure of previous communities, Kinley’s scale is particularly well equipped to address Melbourne’s post-covid zeitgeist. With many living within the confines of a 5kilometre radius during the lockdowns of recent years, the concept of living locally is perhaps more meaningful than ever. 

“The infrastructure here is about proximity to amenity and open spaces, and recognising the health benefits of those things,” says Shifman. “We’re not simply trying to meet local needs – rather the aim is to make Kinley so engaging that we can attract a wider audience, going beyond just the convenience of daily shopping to become a true destination.” 

True to form, Intrapac Property exceeds expectations at Kinley by investing in long term sustainable solutions including solar energy and cyclical water management, which will not only significantly reduce the community’s environmental impact, but enable residents to give back over time.  

The project also introduces greater housing diversity, much needed yet currently absent in the area. In addition to house and land, Kinley will offer new townhomes and apartments to cater for different demographics and a growing cohort of local downsizers. 

“Affordable housing means more than simply the price you pay for a house, it’s also looking at the ongoing cost of living,” says Shifman. “With all of the initiatives we’ve put in place at Kinley, bills and water costs will be lower. What we aim to deliver is a more affordable life, not just an affordable house. Maintaining this is an important part of creating a diverse and resilient community.” 

Valid for five years, the GBCA accreditation is an ongoing statement of intent that Intrapac Property is uniquely placed to fulfil. With more UDIA EnviroDevelopment accreditations than any other Australian developer, this latest achievement cements Intrapac Property’s continued legacy as recognised leaders in delivering sustainable and enduring neighbourhoods. 

“We live to create resilient communities,” says Shifman. “This is why we pride ourselves on taking important sustainability initiatives to help achieve that goal. This way, the places we create today remain relevant well into the future.”  

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