Future vision for Kinley assured: Minister for Planning approves rezoning

January 31, 2022

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Kinley, Victoria’s largest residential infill project, has achieved a major milestone, successfully securing Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) approval from the Minister for Planning. The accompanying Planning Scheme Amendment formally rezones the former Lilydale Quarry site to a Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ1), paving the way for the site to continue its transformation from historical industrial uses to a thriving new residential community.

“The rezoning effectively locks in the commitments we have made in the Kinley masterplan such as establishing a new town centre, preserving the site’s Aboriginal, agricultural and industrial heritage and delivering on the generous public open space allocation”, explained Intrapac Property Chief Operating Officer, Maxwell Shifman. 

“The masterplan has been informed by extensive consultation with the state government and authorities, Yarra Ranges Council, traditional owner groups and the local Lilydale community. We now have a detailed framework within which we can deliver the balance of this incredible project.”

A key principle of the Comprehensive Development Plan is the creation of 20-minute neighbourhoods — giving Kinley residents the ability to meet most of their daily needs within a short distance from home, and via the provision of active transport and public transport options. The development will boast an extensive open space network comprising almost 20% of the total development area. 

Unlike the majority of Melbourne’s greenfield developments of this scale, being an infill site brings Kinley the dual advantage of both increasing amenity for existing residents and allowing new residents to benefit from engagement with the surrounding community, access to established amenities such as schools and retail centres and enjoyment of the area’s leafy character. 

“We are extremely excited about the vision we have developed for Kinley and are looking forward to bringing it to fruition”, commented Shifman. 

“The world class urban design approach will see housing integrated with an extremely attractive and connected open space network to create a series of distinct and vibrant neighbourhoods.”

For more information about the approved Lilydale Quarry Comprehensive Development Plan, please visit https://vpa.vic.gov.au/project/lilydale-quarry-strategic-site/

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