Banyan Hill leaps headlong into the future with new statement artwork.

February 16, 2022

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Making a good first impression is always important, and Banyan Hill has enlisted the help of renowned artist Matt Hill and the majestic Swamp Wallaby to do just that.  

From a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a family of three wallabies, grazing peacefully on the land. Come closer and you’ll see an inspiring new entry statement artwork of world-class artistry and design which will draw the attention of local and international visitors.  

Matt Hill, an award-winning and internationally acclaimed Australian sculptor was selected to create an impactful entry statement at Banyan Hill that would integrate with the community’s existing landscape design. Throughout the process, Matt worked with the Ballina Shire’s public art consultant in consultation with the JALI Local Aboriginal Land Council. Together, the group explored how to capture the powerful characteristics of Swamp Wallaby and celebrate its importance to local communities over tens of thousands of years. 

After listening to stories and learning about the importance of the wallaby to the Bundjalung people, Matt was inspired to create a family group of the kangaroos that reflected those narratives and expressed the positive characteristics of family – power, balance, and strength. Banyan Hill’s local community was also engaged to develop the project through conversation, working with local schools and exploring ways that the sculpture could engage with the hearts and minds of residents. 

The end result, now installed at Banyan Hill is more than just a powerful statement for the community, it will be a reminder of the area’s past heritage for generations to come.  

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