Inside Darwin's newest residential estate, just minutes from the CBD

September 6, 2022

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Land in Darwin’s newest suburban residential estate has hit the market, with opportunities to buy land just 10 minutes from the CBD in the demographic heart of the city.

Featuring 36 allotments ranging in size from 800sq m to 4798sq m on the estate’s west side, Mirawood is bordered by Amy Johnson Ave and Boulter Rd and designated under the Berrimah North Area Plan.

The plan was implemented in late 2014 to transition the area from large-scale block rural residential zoning to the smaller house blocks typical of Darwin suburbs.

Local architects Hully Liveris and Darron Lyons have each designed a house plan for Mirawood and a 14,000sq m conservation zone has been retained to create a visual and ecological buffer between homes and Amy Johnson Dr.

The conservation area also acts as a water retention basin in the Wet and a birdlife habitat. The five larger lots on site have been sold.

Intrapac Property chief executive Max Shifman said design guidelines created large open spaces and corridors between homes.

“They maximise breezes throughout the community as well as privacy on each lot,” he said. “The design guidelines support the delivery of an energy efficient and sustainable community.”

With civil works completed and half the lots pre-sold, the first builders are heading on site to construct homes.

“We’ve allowed a bit of flexibility particularly given the challenges that have been out there with builder constrains and supply chain constraints so we’ve made the call to not enforce time limits, which is something other projects would typically do,” Mr Shifman said.

“Mirawood’s pretty unusual that the lots are a fair bit larger than what you typically get in new subdivisions in Darwin so it means the homes are a little bit larger and a little bit more bespoke so we accept there’s a little bit more time required to get through the process.

“Ultimately people can deliver the home of their dreams to suit whatever particular style they want.

“We want to make sure that the homes are appropriate for the client because we’re really focused on having homes which are tropical and not a transported home from another part of the country which isn’t suitable for the climate.

“When energy costs have gone up as much as they have been, we really think it’s important that we bring back some of those optical design principles. It’s about having homes that are more passively cooled and oriented properly.

“Because we’ve got larger lot sizes you’ve got that space to actually fit the house on properly and not be butting up against someone else’s home.”

Camden Smith, NT News, 31 August 2022

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