Nature theme for large scale public art

October 24, 2019

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Ballina has received a splash of paint, with the commissioning of major artworks from Intrapac Property, the developers behind Banyan Hill.

Facilitated by local specialist curatorial agency Creative Road who are responsible for many of our country’s most prominent public artworks, the two water reservoirs within Banyan Hill have been reimagined as an outdoor gallery space. In deference to the typography of the site and diverse ecology of the area, one reservoir will reflect themes of “land” and the other themes of “water”, with a visual crossover acknowledging the point where land meets sea.

“Intrapac Property have commissioned significant public art as a part of their master plan for Banyan Hill” said Sky Macnamara, Ballina Shire Council’s Sustainability Planner. “This is to be applauded. While these large modern reservoirs are functionally invaluable, aesthetically they are challenging. This particular commission is an innovative solution that we believe will add to both the neighbourhood and the Shire. It’s exciting”.

The works, are visible from the Pacific Highway as well as from within the new residential community.

Internationally acclaimed Australian contemporary artist Emily Devers worked closely with Creative Road and Ballina Shire Council to deliver the project. Devers’ public art can be seen across Australia and internationally in San Diego, Morocco, Hawaii, Mexico and New Zealand. She is also Director of Sea Walls Australia, Australia’s first environment focused public art festival.

As a part of the commission from Banyan Hill, Emily held immersive Urban Art Workshops “From Country to Sea” with Ballina Coast High School and Xavier Catholic College. The workshops, facilitated by Northern Rivers Community Gallery in partnership with Creative Road, were hosted at Ignite Studios @ NRCG in Ballina.

“We bring artists in when they have specialised skills to share with the local community” said the Northern Rivers Community Gallery’s Lee Mathers. “Emily shared her knowledge not just with students but with teachers, giving them the knowledge to develop their own site-specific urban art projects if they choose to in the future.”

The Banyan Hills sales centre on Ballina Heights Drive is open 11am – 5pm daily.

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