Sam Ravida, Joint Managing Director of REEDS Consulting, on his long-term relationship with Intrapac

March 21, 2024

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Sam Ravida (3rd from Right) from Reeds with Judy and John Mc Vey (right) with Sarah North (far left) from Reeds Consulting and Bill Mc Cann at Intrapac’s Quay 2 development.


As we celebrate our 40th year in business, we will reflect on the relationships that have contributed to our success.  

Founder and Executive Chairman of Intrapac property, David Payes, believes in loyalty and long-term relationships. 

“It’s not about loyalty for the sake of loyalty. When people share your business ethics and values, I believe there is value created in the trust, collaboration and shared pursuit of quality outcomes that create greater value than chasing the cheapest price,” explains David.  

Sam Ravida, Joint Managing Director of REEDS Consulting, experts in Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Planning and Development Consulting, has been involved with Intrapac since its inception. Below he discusses what the long-term relationship with Intrapac has meant to him and his business.  


What services do you provide to Intrapac? 

We provide Intrapac with land surveying, civil engineering and planning services, regularly working with the team to undertake due diligence on new acquisitions and to see projects through to fruition. 


How did the relationship between REEDS and Intrapac get started? 

I met David in 1988 while working as a consulting engineer for a former employer when he was engaged in a joint venture with another long-term client of that practice. I worked with David on all of Intrapac’s early projects – Silkwood Rise, Woodlands of Berwick, Oaktree Rise, Churchill Park. They are all projects that have stood the test of time.  

When my fellow Directors and I established REEDS in 1997, David and I continued to work together. Since then, we’ve been involved in all of Intrapac’s Victorian projects.  

The Grand Entrance of Woodlands Promenade at Woodlands of Berwick one of Intrapac’s earlier projects with Reeds Consulting


How has the relationship contributed to the long-term success of REEDS? 

The relationship with Intrapac has been instrumental to our success. We’ve had a number of clients who have been with us for 30 years or more and our relationship with Intrapac stands out – these relationships are the core of our business. I’m very proud of the longevity of our relationship.  


What has contributed to this longevity? 

It’s all about the people. David is very smart, astute, loyal and ethically and morally obliging. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone who combines these characteristics.  

We have assisted Intrapac in any way we can outside of our day-to-day work, for instance, introducing David to other consultants to manage his early projects in Queensland and northern NSW and working with Max in the early stages of his development career to help broaden his insatiable knowledge in civil engineering and other areas of land development.  

Since the early years, when David did much of the work himself, Intrapac has grown into a highly professional unit. I deal with many developers and genuinely put Intrapac – David and Max – on a pedestal.  


What do you enjoy most about the working relationship? 

There’s an ease that comes with the trust that has been established over many years.  

I also enjoy their determination to deliver upon their vision for their projects and their attitude to the inevitable problems that arise along the way. David has had this attitude from the outset. 

Intrapac CEO Maxwell Shifman on site with Sam Ravida   


For example, on the Woodlands of Berwick project in the late 80s, David pursued something different from the standard subdivision, and the aesthetics were really important to him. I remember when we worked together to develop details such as decorative street lights, special road paving and other things that would enhance the amenity of the estate and create a point of difference to others. We had to work hard to get the local Council, who were totally against non-standard fixtures, to agree to these aspects. The outcome is a project that looks great to this day, which I’m really proud to have been a part of.  

Max shares this attitude – he is driven and passionate about development, so in our work together across all types of projects, there is always a commitment to finding solutions to any challenge and achieving the best outcome. 


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